Discovering Famagusta

The Key and the Heart of Cyprus, the hub of the Mediterranean, the port that merged East and West, where the spice routes met the silk roads, where pilgrims and merchants met Kings, knights and crusaders; where Greek, French, Armenian, Genoese, Venetian, Jewish, Syrian, Catalan, Pisan, Turkish and Arab merchants lived side by side, each in their own quarter, celebrating within their own traditions, their own religious building. A city adorned with 365 churches, one for everyday of the year. A city, or rather a living museum.

Necessary documents to have: valid Passports or valid ID
Meeting place for bus trips: University of Nicosia Parking and returning same place

Description: We will arrive with the bus at Limassol Gate; we will then visit the Ravelin, the church of St George Exorinos, the church of St Anne, the church of the Carmelites and the Armenians, Martinengo Bastion, Keltikli Hamam, Bulwer Gate, the church of St George of the Latins, the Othello tower and the harbour, the Sea Gate, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Royal Palace, St Francis, St Peter and Paul, St George of the Greeks and the tower of the Arsenal.

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