• Join me on a discovery
  • The Royal Capital
  • Where the myths meet the heroes
  • The Key and the Heart of Cyprus
  • Where legends become history
  • Join me on a discovery of the cultural heritage of my island throughout the centuries. We will walk through history, encounter gods, myths, heroes, kings and queens, princes, knights and sultans, commissioners and commoners; Through them history will come alive.
  • Walk with me and discover the Royal Capital
  • When strolling in Famagusta with me you will understand why the city is The Key and the Heart of Cyprus
  • In Salamis while walking, the city comes to life
  • As we climb the mountain legends blend into history
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Dear Friends of Historic Cyprus

After nearly two year of silence, Historic Cyprus resumes its trips to the occupied land.
Only vaccinated people can attend and when filling in the questionnaire, please make sure to read and accept the regulations.
The programme will be announced as soon as we know whether all monuments will be open to the public because they were shut up to now.