Discovering the origins of Famagusta: Enkomi and Salamis and the Monastery of Barnabas

Two of the most important sites of ancient Cyprus and a monastery of particular importance to the history of the church of Cyprus.

Enkomi was the Bronze Age city and port from where copper was exported to many parts of the ancient world; Salamis, the continuation of Enkomi is the living memory of the arrival of the Greeks in Cyprus after the Trojan War; a Greek city par excellence that flourished during antiquity, under the Persians, the Assyrians, the Ptolemies as Arsinoe, the Romans, the Byzantines as Constantia. Royal tombs with rich burials such as those described by Homer in the Iliad, a Roman theatre, a Gymnasium, baths and two of the most important basilicas of Cyprus...An amazing and enriching experience in ancient and byzantine history not only of Cyprus but of the Eastern Mediterranean. 

Meeting place for bus trips: University of Nicosia parking and returning same spot.

Necessary document to have: valid Passport or valid ID

Description: We will walk through the ruins of Enkomi, the Bronze Age City; continue by bus to The Royal Tombs of Salamis, the Gymnasium and the Palaestra, the baths and the Theatre. We will walk to the Basilica of Kampanopetra and Agios Epiphanios and visit last The Monastery of St. Barnabas.