Dear Friends 

The meeting point for all trips with a bus is the TC checkpoint after the Ledra Palace Hotel.

The meeting point for the Nicosia walks remains always the Greek Cypriot Checkpoint at the end of Ledra Street

As of October 8th and for all trips with a bus for the whole of the autumn program
our starting point will be the TC checkpoint at LEDRA PALACE HOTEL.
No one can cross with a car beyond the GC checkpoint.
Please leave your cars at various parking lots in the area and proceed walking to the GC checkpoint
where you will show your ID/Passeport. Then you continue,
passing in front of the Home for Cooperation all the way to the TC checkpoint where I will wait for you.
We will then cross on foot.
Τhe bus will be waiting on the other side 

Children travelling with parents under 12 pay 50% percent of the price. Children over 12 pay a full price 

Discovering Nicosia

Our "Walk and Talk" through the medieval city of Nicosia starts with a coffee at the Buyuk Khan, where the history will be briefly explained and maps will be handled out to the guests. Then we walk through the city, with highlights and visits to the Cathedral of St. Sophia, today Selimiye Mosque, the byzantine Metropolis of Nicosia, dedicated to the Virgin, known as Bedestan, to St. Catherine, today Haidar Pasha Mosque, to St. Luke, the centre of the city at the Serai (the palace), to the Armenian church and the area of Arab Ahmet.

Necessary documents to have: Valid passport and valid ID

Event details

Start date : April 27, 2024 10:00 am

End date : April 27, 2024 12:30 pm

Individual rate


Necessary documents to have: valid passport or ID