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Dear friends of Historic Cyprus


Unfortunately due to to COVID-19 and the closed crossings,
but also to all sort of excuses for delaying negotiations to solve the Cyprus problem,
there will be no trips to the occupied land this fall...
I miss the other half of my country, the friendship, the good times we had together come rain or shine...
Hope lies ahead, stay well and lets share a dream of spending spring once more in the Karpas.



Our Guided Tours

Towards Panagia Kriniotissa


 hike 2

 Sunday December 27th (whole day) 9.00-16.00

A beautiful hike in the mountains of Pentadactylos searching for the little chapel of Panagia Kriniotissa. From the “Tank” on the ridge down to Payania Kriniotissa and then back up again - a short walk of only 3km in total but steep on the way back up. We will then take the bus and visit the church of Ayia Paraskevi in Vasilia and head back to Nicosia through the coastal road.

Price: 30 euros each