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Dear Friends 

The meeting point for all trips with a bus is the TC checkpoint after the Ledra Palace Hotel.

The meeting point for the Nicosia walks remains always the Greek Cypriot Checkpoint at the end of Ledra Street

As of October 8th and for all trips with a bus for the whole of the autumn program
our starting point will be the TC checkpoint at LEDRA PALACE HOTEL.
No one can cross with a car beyond the GC checkpoint.
Please leave your cars at various parking lots in the area and proceed walking to the GC checkpoint
where you will show your ID/Passeport. Then you continue,
passing in front of the Home for Cooperation all the way to the TC checkpoint where I will wait for you.
We will then cross on foot.
Τhe bus will be waiting on the other side 

Children travelling with parents under 12 pay 50% percent of the price. Children over 12 pay a full price 

Walk with me through the centuries

Who I am

Anna MarangouI am an archaeologist and an art historian. I graduated from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium (BA),and have a master’ s degree in contemporary history from the University of Cyprus. Basically I am a writer; I write non-fiction books, scripts, theatre plays and children’s stories. In the past years I have curated a number of exhibitions and helped to set up museums here in Cyprus, and have published books on the history of the cities of my island (Nicosia, Famagusta, Paphos).

I am fluent in Greek, English, French and German.

I take particular pride in showing and explaining the culture of my island, and introducing both Cypriots and foreign visitors to this amazing world that contains both the Orient and the Occident. Its not about dates and constructions; Its about the texture of this island and the power of its people, the consequences of its geographical proximity to other, stronger and stronger civilisations, and above all its capacity for survival throughout a turbulent history.

What I do

I will walk and talk with you and show you this island through my own eyes: Those of an archaeologist and an art historian, but mainly of a person who cherishes and values the culture of this island. My deep knowledge of history - whether ancient, medieval, or contemporary- allows me to mingle the past with the present and the future. This is what makes my presentation exciting and vibrant: Seeing the important role the island has held from antiquity to this very day in the Eastern Mediterranean; how its temperament and character was formed, what antiquity was all about, how Byzantium is still present, and how a French royal family, the Lusignans, managed to make the whole island look towards the West for more than three centuries. As we stroll through Famagusta or Nicosia, the island's two main historical cities, you will encounter antiquity, Byzantium, the Middle Ages, and you will understand the periods of Ottoman and British Rule, as well as how the island acquired its independencein the 20th century.

We walk through history, from the past to the present; we meet the Cypriots, their habits and traditions, and understand and appreciate how this island kept its leading role in Eastern Mediterranean for centuries.

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My Books

  • Aphrodite922
  • aphrodite greek933

Booklet in English and Greek about Aphrodite and her myth.

  • Paphos928

Publication on the history of the city of Paphos in Greek and English. Municipality of Paphos. On sale in major bookshops.

  • Famagusta930
  • _ammoxostos ellinika934

Publication in Greek and English about the history of Famagusta. On sale in major bookshops.

  • Nicosia Book Cover
  • levkosia eng935

Publication in Greek and English on the history of Nicosia. In all bookshops in Cyprus. (with a map of the city). On sale in major bookshops.

  • nicosia old926

Greek book on the history of Nicosia (out of print).

  • Cesnola925
  • cesnola greek936

Publication in Greek and English of the life of Italo-American Consul Luigi Palma di Cesnola, first Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York who excavated in Cyprus in the 19th century and sold antiquities to major museums in Europe and the US. On sale in major bookshops

  • Xartes924

«The Seas of Cyprus». Bilingual publication in Greek and English : maps, harbours and ships from the 13th-19th century. Ports Authority

  • Richter923

The Greek translation of Magda Ohnefalsch Richter’s book on «Greek Customs and Beliefs in Cyprus». The publication exists in English as well. On sale in major bookshops.

  • ports of Cyprus english932
  • ports of Cyprus931

The ports in Cyprus. A publication on the history of major ports of Cyprus from antiquity to the present day. On sale in major bookshops.