Dear friends of Historic Cyprus


Unfortunately due to personal issues but also due to the current situation

I would like to inform you that I am cancelling

ALL PROPOSED VISITS to the occupied land until the end of summer.

Our wonderful island will be there always a blessing to the difficult days we are all going through.

Thank you for your understanding


Our Guided Tours

Join me on a walk in history and time throughout my island

Cyprus has a rich and varied history with plenty of archaeological ruins, byzantine churches and monasteries, crusader castles and palaces, not to mention its more modern history of invasion and division.

To me however it is one island, the island where I was born and raised and to which I have devoted most of my working life as an archaeologist and art historian to bring to a wider audience its many beautiful sights.

My web site can offer you excursions and walks with a historical but also contemporary insight into places of interest and subject matters of special significance on both sides of the dividing line.


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